Wednesday, April 05, 2006

This just isn't right

We had sod laid yesterday. 5 strips to replace what was dug up in February for Verizon to lay their high speed fiber lines. I'm sure they expected that by April 4th, it would actually BE Spring.

So, we get a note on our door that says to make sure that we water it significantly over the next 3-4 days (I'm presuming so that it will take root before it dies). And, because of the location of the 5 strips of sod, it actually take 5 different sessions where I have to move the sprinkler each time.

This would be no problem - if it weren't 45 degress outside with 10-15 mile per hour gusting winds. I actually have to stand with my back to the wind in order to place the sprinkler so that I don't get soaked - and cold soaked at that. And, do you know how difficult it is to determine where the sprinkler is actually going to water when the wind is blowing the water stream.

That's just not right!

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