Saturday, April 08, 2006

Its a ZOO in there!!

The 3rd grade at Samantha's school had their animal fair this week. Each student:

  • Chose an animal
  • Researched the animal and wrote a research paper
  • Drew a food chain
  • Wrote a poem about their animal
  • Colored a map indicating where their animal lives
  • Built a habitat out of a shoebox
  • Made a clay statue of their animal; and
  • Constructed a display board presenting all of this information.

Samantha chose the Koala. She researched her animal using her newly learned research techniques and wrote a compelling paper on the Koala. We constructed a habitat from a shoebox, covering it in blue and green paper and building trees out of pipecleaners - we even gave her clay Koala some friends made out of punched hearts. She put together her display board from all of the components she wrote at school and punched out and glued on die cuts to resemble a eucalyptus tree - the natural habitat of a Koala.

On the day of the Animal Fair, the 3rd grade presented 7 songs about animals, with dancing and speaking by some of the students. Then, all of the students presented their display boards and habitats in the cafeteria for all the parents to see.

Samantha was very proud of her board and her habitat. She received very high marks for all of her work.


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Oh! See I should stop by here more often - I totally missed this post. Samantha's project looks fantastic! Great job :)