Tuesday, July 08, 2008

We have babies

After seeing the mama robin sitting on her nest a lot last week, I figured the babies were going to hatch soon.

When we returned from the lake on Sunday, we had babies. They are definitely very new, as yesterday they had trouble even holding up their heads. But one will poke up a head from time to time, mouth open lookin for mama, and then flop back down, tired from the hard work.

Mama is still spending a lot of time around the nest and she's pretty protective. She didn't like it at all yesterday when the neighbor was power washing his fence not too far away. And she doesn't like it when I'm in the back yard setting the sprinkler.

But the babies are getting bigger every day. Emma asks to see them a lot, says "look, they're growing" and then "let's leave them alone" and heads back in the house!