Thursday, April 13, 2006

Equal time

For no particular reason, I seem to have more to report on Samantha and Emma than I do for Michael. I'm sure its because Emma is a baby and things that happen are often "firsts". And I'm sure its because Samantha is involved with more things because she's older. And I'm sure its because things with Michael are normal right now, and we are very happy about that.

Michael is almost 6. One thing we learned about Michael when he was about 2 is that he is going to be good at sports. He has played soccer and is currently playing T-ball. He is quite good at both. He also can hit a golf ball so far that it travels the width of our backyard and often lands in the neighbor's yard. He can also throw a pretty good spiral with a football. With all of that talent, its tough to know which way to direct him to use that energy.

But his talent isn't limited to sports. He already reads very well and is becoming a great piano player. It seems that whatever he tries, he does it well!

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