Sunday, April 16, 2006

14 months old!

Today, Emma turned 14 months old. The past two months, since her first birthday, have been exciting. She's not yet walking - which isn't unusual since Samantha didn't walk until around 16 months. But she is doing many things deliberately and is already showing how smart she is. For instance, we had chicken and Lipton noodles the other night. Emma had finished eating all of her noodles and still had some chicken left - yet she pointed her finger to the spot in the plate where her noodles were and asked for more!! Now let's be clear - in Emma speak - asking means screeching at the top of her lungs until she gets everyone's attention. She can also tell us when she's tired. She will be playing in her yard and she'll stand up and pick up her blanket to hand it to me - she's ready to go to bed!!

She's also testing her boundaries - she intentionally throws her pacifier out of her car seat and then yells for someone to get it. We are now telling her that she isn't getting it back because she did it on purpose - and she actually pouts! She knows a lot of words - but we know only a few. She can clearly say Mama and Dada, and we have interpreted her saying "Michael" and "Samantha". But there are other times that a string of sounds comes out of her mouth - and we know that she knows EXACTLY what she is saying - but we don't. We look forward to the time that we learn her language, or she learns ours.

This photo was taken today after Easter Brunch. I will share more about that tomorrow. Thanks to Aunt Emily for buying the pink dress with the beautiful pink smocking on the front from Brazil. We love it!!


Veronica in Aus said...

Well I had to popp on over to see your blog! Looking very good - love what you have done with the place :)

And how cute is Emma? Love her dress :)

Veronica in Aus said...

I just saw Samantha's koala project - and left a comment down there :) Just didn't want you to miss it