Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Poor Michael

Michael hasn't been feeling well. It started mid-day on Sunday, but Samantha had had a little fever on Sat and was feeling better, so I thought he had a little 24-hour thing. Well, 2 1/2 days later, he is no better. He has been running a fever of 102 (before Advil) and 100 (after Advil). When his fever is down, he acts as though he feels ok. When his fever is up, he is outright miserable. He has coughed until he is absolutely hoarse.

Took him to the Doctor today who did two things: 1) confirm that he didn't have strep (kinda wish he did because at least we could give him an antibiotic and get better) and 2) tell us to come back on Thurs if he isn't any better. Well, here we are Tuesday night and he isn't any better. Tomorrow will be his 3rd day out of school - not that I mind much - its only Kindergarten - but I feel so bad that he feels bad. He really is miserable when he doesn't feel good.

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