Wednesday, March 29, 2006

My finger is a bit shorter!

I have a bandaid on my finger. I have a bandaid on my finger because, in my attempt to make some nicer meals for my family, I sliced a big hunk off my finger while trying to slide potatoes using my Pampered Chef slicing tool.

Boy it hurts. Not a candidate for stitches - I think I'll just have a hole there.

Do you think I can sue?!

Monday, March 27, 2006

Emma is "ready" to walk - but not quite yet

However, the skill that she has now mastered is "standing freely". She can actually stand herself up, sometimes using something to help her stand up, and then she will let go. And she just stands there. I just watched her stand up using a box of blocks as a prop. She then let go and just stood there looking at me!!

Walking is not far behind, I'm sure!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

And its all downhill from there!!

I was attempting to "force feed" Emma some applesauce today. She used to love it but now she fights me when I try to feed it to her. But, I was going to "force" her to eat it because - well - her bowel challenges could use some help. So, I had given her some applesauce before I even gave her any of the ham I intended her to have for lunch because I knew at that point, she would only eat the ham. So, I gave her the ham, but then continued to try to feed her applesauce. Feeding her applesauce involves getting the applesauce on the spoon with one hand, and then grabbing and holding both of her hands with my other hand while I feed her the applesauce - all while she is trying to wave her hands "no" and shake her head violently "no" at me.

I was doing pretty well - until one time when she still had a piece of ham in her hand. I had applesauce on the spoon and was headed towards her mouth - she got a hand free and was waving it no, and then, the piece of ham went flying out of her hand onto the floor beside her. Well, that's fine - except then she turned her head to look for the ham, and where did the applesauce go - but in her HAIR!! And, then of course, she doesn't like applesauce because its in her hair - and its all downhill from there!!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Samantha is a busy girl!!

Its quite easy to brag on the baby - it seems like they do something new and cute every day. Its harder to remember to brag on the older kids.

One thing that I'm pretty proud of with Samantha is that she sticks with things. I really like that she's willing and interested in continuing with activities, when there are so many that just bounce around and never stick with an activity to see what they can really do with it, or the other kids who just don't really get into activities.

She started dancing right after she turned 4 - she is now in her 6th year of dance, is a charter member of her dance studio, and earned her 5 year trophy last year. She is in a competition group - by choice - and continues to try out for it each season

She also plays soccer. In the league of 27 girls, she has the 3rd highest years of experience with 6 seasons.

Each year I ask her if she wants to drop either and she wants to keep doing both.

This is in addition to her being in her second year of piano lessons. She is doing very well with her new teacher and we are looking forward to her next piano recital in May.

The world exists in "bite-sized" pieces

At least that is how it feels when you live with an infant / toddler. Everything has to be cut into really little pieces for Emma because she can't yet discern how much to chew before swallowing, much less chew very well with her 3 little teeth.

Imagine turkey and cheese cut into little, teeny bite-sized pieces. And a Nutri-Grain bar.

But I have decided that the most valuable utensil in the kitchen right now is my Pampered Chef Pizza Cutter - it can cut anything!!

Monday, March 20, 2006

Emma can dance to almost anything!

Emma loves to hear music. She has a "radio" in her playyard that will play a song each time she pushes the blue button - she pushes the blue button a lot. Then she shakes her body - and her booty - to the music. She loves to dance.

But today took the cake - she was dancing to Michael's scales on the piano. It was really funny to watch but she was having the best time!!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

This place is a ZOO!!

Literally. We went to the zoo last week on what was possibly the coldest and windiest day I had felt in a LONG time. It had been 85 degrees a mere 2 days earlier; yet the day we planned to go the zoo, we woke up to a chilly 35 degrees with 30 mile per hour winds.

We wanted to see the baby Panda. The baby panda was born in July and I had been wanting to find a chance to go. Having Emily come into town with Marshall and Morgan for their Spring Break gave us a perfect opportunity. So, the kids stayed home from school on Wednesday and we trekked into Washington, DC to the National Zoo.

The Pandas did not disappoint. Both Momma and Daddy panda were in their yard, chomping on delicious bamboo. The baby had precariously perched herself on the branch of a tree that looked much smaller than the baby - and she was asleep up there!! She moved a few times as she settled in and got comfortable. Momma was never too far away from keeping an eye on her little one. So many times I have been there and the pandas weren't available for viewing, so this was a wonderful treat.

After seeing the pandas, we took the loop of the zoo. We saw the elephants put on a show during their bath, and saw a variety of small mammals (I think my favorite). We spent some time in the reptile house (a favorite of the boys, but not for
Emily and me). After a nice lunch at the restaurant at the BOTTOM of the hill, we check out the lions and tigers. The lioness put on quite a vocal show for us - the Tigers just slept right through it.

Then, on the way back up we checked out the beavers (who had made their own dam) and otters (who swam and put on a show under the water for us). Then we got a chance to see the majestic bald eagle (this photo was taken by Emily).

All in all we had a great, albeit cold, time. We took the long way back out of the city so that Emily and the boys could see a few of the sights, and then headed home!

And, of course, I would be remiss if I didn't share this very cute photo of Emma all bundled up for the trip!!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Something the human vacuum cleaner won't eat - Jello

For Emma's snack yesterday, I thought I'd give her some jello. Thought she would like it. And, she fell in love with Teddy Grahams last week and has had them for snack almost every day, so I wanted to give her some variety. She did ok for the first few bites, but then I think she actually realized what she was eating. After struggling to feed her the next couple of bites - she actually cried - real tears, out loud, mouth open, crying about the jello. She pulled it out of her mouth and threw it on the floor. AND she would not take another bite.

So the baby who will eat almost anything won't eat Jello!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The car we WANT to get

So our poor Acura Legend is on its last legs (or wheels). It has been a good car. We bought it in September of 1994, not too long after we got married. It was a LOT of money for a car - but we wanted to know that we wouldn't be looking for a new car the minute we finished paying the car off. We wanted to know that it would be reliable. It has been reliable - we have driven 120K miles in that vehicle. It was our road vehicle for a long time until we bought our minivan - it was then relegated to commuter and errand status. Now, it goes to and from the office with Mike, but otherwise, it sits quietly in the garage for fear of parts beginning to fall off while driving down the road.

We know what we want to get to replace the Legend - we try not to discuss it too loud around the Legend for fear she become jealous.

Yesterday, a dealership in Maryland received their first 2007 Toyota Camry. We drove to the dealership in order to drive this vehicle. It has beautiful lines and its a pretty comfortable ride. The vehicle that we drove is not the car we ultimately want.

What we want is the 2007 Camry Hybrid.

Through my numerous phone calls to dealerships throughout the area, (the benefit of living in the suburbs of a large city) I have received predictions from March to October for delivery of the Camry Hybrid (I honestly think when I ask the question, they shake their Magic 8 ball and receive the answer du jour from it). Toyota doesn't know when they are going to release the Hybrid Camry - but we seem to be honing in on the late Spring, early Summer.

That would be good timing because we will HAVE to put the Legend out to pasture before then.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Emma is a French Fry Fiend!!

We can no longer eat French Fries in the presence of Emma.

Her favorite food right now is Ravioli - and the good news is Gerber Graduates has a TON of varieties. She will eat it as fast as I can cut it in half and put it in her plate.

But, she had her favorite ravioli at lunch today and what did she scream about - that I was eating French Fries in front of her and she didn't have any. So, I had to feed her four or five french fries, broken into small pieces, to keep the noise level down long enough for me to eat.

So, we can no longer eat french fries in front of her without making sure she has her own!!