Thursday, January 13, 2011

Disney Dream and Wonder Meet in Port Canaveral

Just another example of how everything is done "Disney" style. Listen to the end to hear the horns!

Wednesday, January 05, 2011


Epiphany. The arrival of the Magi. The 12 days of Christmas.

These are all things you hear when you talk about January 6th. The 12th day after Christmas.

I'm not sure how it has happened, perhaps its Mike's Catholic roots, but we leave up our Christmas decorations through Epiphany.

I think the first year we lived in South Riding, this was even after our neighborhood scheduled their Christmas tree pickup, but they have since adjusted and always have a Christmas tree pickup the Monday AFTER Epiphany.

Our tree is ready to come down. What looked majestic is now looking a bit sad. And I'm ready to reclaim my family room.

So, the decorations will start getting put away after tomorrow - Epiphany - and by the end of the weekend I'll be able to reclaim my family room, and my living room, and my dining room table, and, and, ...

Happy New Year!