Saturday, April 29, 2006

How can we teach these girls to play soccer aggressively?

That's the question we ask ourselves each week watching Samantha's team play soccer. These are the nicest girls - they wouldn't possibly want to take a ball away from a friend, now would they?

Anyway, its funny to watch girls play soccer at the age when they are afraid of the ball.

Samantha's game today was great. They won 4-3 and it was a hard fought win. Samantha scored a goal and then had a penalty kick where she scored another goal!! So she contributed two goals to the team win. Its tough, though. Samantha would often get the ball and start taking it down the field, only to find that there is no one to pass the ball to, and several defenders from the other team coming at her. But she hung in there and the Screaming Eagles won their game!!

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Cyndy said...

Good for her. It's amazing the difference in boys and girls on the field at his age.

BTW.. I love your new header with th ephotos of the kids. How'd you do that?