Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The best laid plans

So, I have been doing a little work this week getting some soccer fields ready for a festival this weekend. I had to go yesterday to one field and repair 12 sets (24 total) of goals and nets. I then had to pack 5 goals into my car to take to another field.

It was hard work and it took me the better part of 90 minutes to get done.

I wanted to just take the goals to the other field and drop them off last night (they were "somewhat disassembled") and then go back today and put them together and get them placed.

But I didn't. I knew that I would need help getting them out of the car because the nets gets all tangled up in the poles (thus the "somewhat disassembled" statement above) and it was getting dark.

So, we got a little bit of schoolwork done this morning and then I threw the kids in the van to take the goals out to the other field. I knew that Samantha could help me get them out of the van and reassembled. It really is a pain to put them back together because the nets are all twisted and wrapped around the poles and we have to figure out how to get them untangled and twisted, get the poles back together, and then reattach the net where it is falling off. Then we had to drag each goal a good distance across the field to where they needed to be.

We had 5 goals. We were able to get 4 back together and 1 is ready to retire.

It took longer than I thought.

While Samantha and I (and Michael at the end) were working on the goals, I had the radio playing in the van (with the key turned backwards) and the back door of the van open. For about 75 minutes.

So perhaps that would explain why the car wouldn't start when I went back to turn it back on. Or not - it doesn't seem that those two things would drain the battery in that short period of time, but you just never know.

So, my trip that I thought would take an hour ended up taking 2 hours, as I had to find someone to jump start the van before I could leave (because the guidance says that it isn't smart to jump start a car with a hybrid, so Mike couldn't really help)

All I can say is that its a good thing I didn't drive the van all the way out on the grass into the middle of the field, like I did when I picked up the goals in August. The only reason I didn't is because it rained last week and I didn't know how soft the ground was and there's a hill I didn't want to have trouble getting up.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming

I had an interesting memory tonight. I remembered a conversation I had with a woman I used to work with. This was not too long after I had returned to work after Michael was born - so well over 7 years ago.

I remembered remarking to her that I knew what was on a variety of channels at 3am in the morning - specifically "Law & Order" on A&E.

Why did I know that? Because that was usually the time Michael would get up in the middle of the night to eat.

I'm feeling the same way right now about Emma being sick and the amount of time I have spent awake over the past 4 days - I think I've watched "The Devil Wears Prada" about a dozen times now.

Emma still has the bug. Fever is lingering and now she sounds like a pathetic hoarse seal when she tries to talk or coughs. Sure wish she would just kick this bug!! Michael theorized that maybe it had something to do with the rain, since Emma got sick the day it started raining - and its rained for the past 4 days (something it hasn't done since April, not long after her initial diagnosis)

On a NOT sick note, the South Riding Halloween Parade is tomorrow. This parade has typically been scheduled on Saturday, and we usually have missed it due to soccer. Last year, it rained on the scheduled Saturday so they moved it to Sunday. So many people remarked that Sunday was better for them, they decided to keep the parade on Sunday.

So, on Monday of this week, Samantha's dance teacher sends home a note that they are "military" theme in the parade. So, we need a costume. After I made sure Samantha understood that I was NOT going to go purchase a costume for the parade, and she refused to wear the "sequined jacket" that I found in my old dance costumes (from my Senior year), I have managed to cobble together pieces of camoflage from my variety of friends in the neighborhood. While my kids don't have any camoflage clothes, it has been a popular fashion trend in previous years, so I was able to get a pair of pants, a "real" Army brown t-shirt and a "brimmed" hat for her to wear tomorrow.

And its not going to rain - finally!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Fighting a little bug

Emma is fighting a little bug. The only way I know is that she woke up and her body felt a little hot. The thermometer said 100, which isn't too bad.

But, when we checked her blood sugar, it was elevated. Our first suspicion was a bad pump site. One way you can tell this is to check her "ketone" levels in her blood. We are fortunate to have a blood meter to check this - most people have to use urine strips. Trust me when I tell you that it is beyond difficult to use urine strips with a 2-year-old in diapers.

Anyway, last time Emma had a bad pump site, her ketones went up to 1.6. 1.6 is a bad number and the guide says "call the doctor". Well, that time, it was pretty easy to treat and get her down quickly.

Yesterday, her ketones were at 4.2! That got my heart racing. They were off the charts. We had no explanation for that. I paged the nurse, who called me back quickly. She felt it was clearly due to the fever. But I certainly didn't know they could get that high. She said just to keep giving her insulin (and feeding her if I need to because we don't want her to drop too low from too much insulin) and as long as she is acting ok, then just treat her at home. Well, at the time, she was sitting in front of the TV watching "My Friends Tigger and Pooh" and having a grand old time - I'd say she's acting ok.

We got things cleared out ok yesterday morning. She ran a little high in the afternoon but I wasn't surprised, due to the fever.

But, we went through it again last night. A high blood sugar reading that wouldn't come down. High ketones. This time, Mike moved her pump site and we gave her insulin to clear the ketones. It took another treatment this morning to completely clear them out. But she is clearly tired and still has that fever. If she has it tomorrow, I'm taking her in to make sure she doesn't have a treatable bug, because I don't want her to have to suffer through this all weekend.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

The newest White Stripe

Michael took his test for his White Stripe belt at Tae Kwon Do last night. This is his 2nd belt. He has moved quickly through the first two. But he loves it so we keep taking him. He pays really good attention and works hard and I'm really seeing the strength coming in his punches and kicks.

The test was tough for him - for two completely unexpected reasons. The first was that there was an adult woman in the class. Michael was fascinated - he didn't know WHY an adult would be in the class. So I finally had to go stand behind the woman to get his attention to tell him to face forward (she was behind him). And then in warmups, he got kicked in the toe and it jammed and I could tell it was hurting him the entire time. Even the instructor noticed that Michael wasn't acting right, but he shook it off and pushed through.

So, he was awarded his White Stripe belt.

One poor boy was "missed" by the instructor when handing out the belts and the boy stood there stoicly, not saying a word, while the instructor gave his final words and dismissed the class, and then the boy started crying. His dad thought that he just didn't earn it for some reason, but the instructor then realized what happened and called him back to award his belt. I sent Michael back in and a few others went back in to applaud and bow to the boy. I was glad that was quickly remedied.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Been very busy!

Updates haven't been coming because we've been busy and I can't seem to get my brain organized. As a result my house isn't organized and often my brain can't get by the unorganized house to think about typing an update.

But, here's the short one.

The kids are doing great with school - they LOVE that my brain isn't always organized because it results in the teacher needing a periodic "mental health day". But, I think I've finally figured out why we can't seem to get to History enough. I've moved it earlier in the day and I'll think we'll get to it more.

Soccer season is in full swing. Both kids are having a great time and have great coaches. We're pretty lucky! The season goes until the first weekend in November and then Michael's team will play in a tournament during the 2nd weekend.

Micahel is thriving in Tae Kwon Do. I'm actually trying to convince him to take a 3rd class a week. He seems to do well at it and focuses, pays attention and shows a lot of respect for the instructors - I thought maybe if he took more classes it would rub off more and we'll see it a little more at home!

Samantha and I spent this past weekend in New York City. Her dance studio organized a trip. We saw Mary Poppins on Broadway (it was great), had dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe, and had a day at Radio City Music hall with a tour (its beautiful) and a session with a Rockette where the girls learned a few routines and then participated in a mock tryout. I'll write more later but we had a great time (and now I appreciate why I like to room alone when I'm out of town)

My volunteer job with the JDRF has kept me busy. But, we've gotten meetings scheduled with most of the Representatives that I'm responsible for (6) and more than half of them have agreed to sign-on to co-sponsor the bill for the Special Diabetes Program. There is a key meeting this coming week with a rep from our area who is on the sub-committee who will take up the bill. We need his support and we need to know that he'll continue to support the bill regardless of where it gets hung when all is said and done. Rumor has it that the bill will be tacked onto a Medicare reauthorization, because certainly funding for research for a disease that afflicts mainly children belongs on a bill for a program that provides Healthcare for Seniors.

Emma's pumping is going well. I think we are seeing trends now that we can finally recognize. Its so much nicer than injections and we're so glad we moved onto the pump. It used to be that numbers in the 200s were no bother for me - 180 was glorious. Now, my demands are higher. I don't like to see numbers in the 200s and I'm seeing a lot more in the 120s - and expect a lot more in the 120s. I feel more confident that her numbers will stay stable and she loves that 4-5 injections a day is replaced by a set change just every other day that she only cries for a moment (and I think that will pass over time)