Friday, January 04, 2008

You know, we agreed many years ago not to give gifts to the adults!!

Thankfully, my brother and sister and I have agreed not to buy Christmas gifts for each other - just for the kids. We have gotten lucky there as we only have 3 nephews to buy for while my brother has FIVE nieces and nephews to buy for.

But, really, my sister-in-law didn't need to give me the gift she gave me. Really. She should take it back. That is, that cold that she was suffering from for two weeks when she visited for Christmas. I think she shared it with me! Really, I appreciate the generosity, but that's really alright.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Back to School, Back to Life

Today we are back in business. Kids are back onto their schoolwork and practicing their piano (which they have had a TWO WEEK break from). Mike is back at work.

School is going pretty well today - that usually happens when I take the time to do the lesson plan in advance. We are still struggling with getting Samantha to "move along" - she dawdles at everything, from getting up in the morning, the actual ACT of eating, and dawdles at her schoolwork. The problem is that the dawdling affects more than just her because I have to be involved in some of her schoolwork and I actually do have other things to do - SHOCK

But, we're back into the routine and now just need to start packing up Christmas and geting the tree down!!

Oh, and since so many people are mentioning their New Years Resolutions, I will too.

I only have two and they are related: Get more organized and simplify. We have too much stuff. The stuff is getting in the way of my getting organized. So, I want to get rid of lots of stuff and then organize what is left. Some of the "stuff" is because my parents are working to put their house (my childhood house) on the market, so their "decluttering" becomes my "clutter" (Hi Mom!) But its stuff that I'm not ready to get rid of yet, so I need to get rid of the stuff in my house that I AM ready to get rid of - and I'm going to be getting 2 bookshelves from her eventually so that will HELP organize the stuff!!