Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Here Comes Peter Cottontail!

We had a nice Easter in the Stopper household this weekend.

We colored our eggs on Saturday afternoon, so that they would be ready for the Easter Bunny!! We had to make a quick trip to Target in the morning because I looked at the box of Paas that I actually remembered to purchase earlier in the week, only to discover that it only had THREE colors - who colors eggs with only 3 colors?
The Easter Bunny did indeed visit overnight. The kids each had an Easter basket full of candy, toys, and eggs. Each one got a DVD - Samantha got Narnia, Michael got Chicken Little and Emma got Wallace and Grommit. The kids then headed outside to look for the Easter eggs hidden by the Easter Bunny. They looked high and low and found eggs filled with jelly beans (and even a few had quarters inside!).

Easter morning was a little busier this year than in past years. We have begun visiting a new church and I wanted to make sure that the kids made it to Sunday School and church. Its a nice small Baptist church, currently meeting in an office park, but planning to build in the middle of South Riding. The church has about 25 members in the choir that presented a beautiful concert during the service.

After church, we went to a favorite destination - the Hyatt at Fair Lakes - for Easter brunch. It was done nicely with many stations and lots of food (and desserts) to choose from. We had a great meal and took some nice photos of the kids afterwards (but, alas, were unable to get a family shot).

We ended our day relaxing after such a huge meal and a busy weekend. Kids were ready to hit the sack and be ready to return to school on Monday!!

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