Saturday, May 01, 2010

Internet and Computer Woes

So earlier this week, I didn't have internet for a couple/few days. Don't know why but the internet modem just stopped working. So, I got a little bit of Internet access at night when Mike was home and we could go through his Blackberry internet connection. And I have my Blackberry so I can read and respond to basic emails.

So Internet got fixed with a new modem - yay!

Now this morning my laptop welcomed me with the "Blue screen of Death".

Don't know why it stopped working, but Mike is trying to figure out how to recover it. He feels confident all my data and documents are in tact, but it won't boot.

So, I'm back to basically not having computer access. I can get on the internet on the new-ish office computer we have (Because that one died after living a long and fruitful life), but I don't have any of the documents that I need to do what I need to do.