Sunday, November 09, 2008

Under 12 Girls Fall Classic Champions

With a 2-0-2 record in the tournament this weekend, Samantha's team, the South Riding United, won the Under 12 Girls Championship.

All of the games this weekend were hard fought. Our first game on Saturday morning was against the Gators and we won 1-0. Our second game was against the Hokies. It was a tough game with a LOT of shots on goals for both teams, but in the end it was tied 0-0. We went into today tied for first place with the Hokies, each team with one win and one tie.

Our first game today was played with great skill. All of the girls seemed to really be on their game, the defense was keeping the ball away from the goal and the offense was pushing forward and scoring. We started the game with two quick goals and in the end won 5-0. That score would ultimately be the one that won the tournament for us. Our fourth and final game of the tournament was played against the Monarchs - the only team that beat us this season. They scored a goal about halfway through and we were down 1-0. We fought back and fought back, but couldn't score as time was rapidly ticking away. Finally in the final minutes, one of our players kicked a huge kick that went OVER the goalies head for the tying goal. That game resulted in a 1-1 tie.

So that left it to the final game. The entire team watched the game and cheered for the Gators - if the Gators beat the Hokies, we were the champions. If the Hokies win, we're second place. And then there's the situation of a tie. If the Hokies tie the Gators, then we have even records at the end of 4 games. And lo and behold, that's what happened.

So at the end of 4 games, the South Riding United and the Hokies are tied with a 2-0-2 record. The tournament director has to pull out the tiebreaking rules to determine who wins. First criteria: who won head to head competition? Well, it was a tie. Then, it went to the team with most wins - we each had 2. At that point it went to Bonus Points. Bonus Points are awarded for each goal above and beyond your competitor in each game, for a maximum of 3. We won a game 1-0 yesterday for 1 bonus point. We won a game today 5-0 for 3 bonus points, for a total of 4. The Hokies won 2-1 yesterday and 3-1 today for a total of 3 bonus points.

So we won!! It was touch and go all day and Samantha really did a great job in the last game of playing defense and helping to keep the ball away from our goal.

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