Saturday, November 08, 2008

1-0-1 and 2.25

1-0-1: That's Samantha's soccer team's record after the first day of tournament play. They could have beat the team they tied - they just weren't playing their best today. We won the first game 1-0 and tied the second on 0-0. So two more games tomorrow and then we'll find out our standings. We are "tied" for first right now - but its round robin and we have two more teams to play tomorrow. The team we tied today is the other team tied for first place. It will be interesting tomorrow.

2.25 - that's how much I paid per gallon for gas this morning on the way to the game. I can remember when we were aghast at a price that high - now we celebrate how low it is!


Jacque said...

Under $2.00 in Roanoke.

Emily said...

just have to tell you I paid $1.85 on Wed. in Texas

The Stopper Family said...

ok, ya'll are just mean :) Leave it to family!

Last Sat, when our Sheetz was $2.59, I saw the Shell station in Manassas at $2.25. I think at this rate I should find a reason to go to Manassas about once a week - $0.25 a gallon cheaper is a big difference.

I don't know that we'll see $1.99 around here anytime soon. We might be nearing the bottom