Monday, November 10, 2008

Emma's numbers - finally pretty good

Last night notwithstanding, when I fought super-low numbers all night, Emma's numbers are finally starting to stabilize. We have been fighting unexplained highs, random lows, and everything in between. We have changed every basal rate on her pump (the ongoing stream of insulin to keep her steady) and bolus ratio (the amount we give her when she eats).

She actually had a meal last week where her preschool teacher FORGOT to give her insulin with her food - and she was still under 200 2 hours later. That means she would have been low had she HAD insulin.

Finally, after playing over and over with the morning numbers, we had a good morning at preschool today. She was 147 at 2 hours after breakfast and 100 at 2 hours later after snack - both of those numbers are smack-dab perfect and can't ask for more.

I look forward to getting back to a period when I'm not checking all the time because we don't know what's happening. We had a happy 3-4 month period where she was very stable and I could pretty much predict what her numbers were going to be when, and we rarely had to get up overnight. We've been back to getting up at least once (or twice or three-times or four-times) overnight for a couple of months now and its getting old.

Thankfully we have a great nurse who does most things by email (often at 10pm at night), can take an export of my pump readings and give me recommendations right from there. Its so much easier than trying to fax in numbers and trying to get a response.

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