Monday, August 07, 2006

A sign she is growing up

You see and hear signs that your children are growing every day. Obviously at Emma's age, the changes are more often and more dramatic. While we were on vacation, she started using "two syllable" words - or more appropriately, "two SOUND" words.

I am no longer Mama - I am Mom-MEEEEEE. DaDa is now Da-DEEEE. Emily's dog is "Bel-wa". Today Emma said "wa-er" for water while driving by the lake at the front of the neighborhood.

Another sign that Emma is growing up is her ability to follow directions. She picked up my shoes and I asked her to bring them and put them in a basket. She did just that. She can (when she chooses) put something down when I ask, or stand up when I ask. She will take her paci out and put it in the bed when I ask her. It is, of course, all when she "chooses" to do so

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