Friday, August 04, 2006

Home - and tired!

Well, after a long day yesterday we finally arrived home. I spent the morning packing up all of our clothes and toys and things in Emily's house. I also had to put the carseat back together because I had to wash it the night before. After we got all packed up, we all piled in the car for the 45 minute ride to the airport.

Emma spent most of the car ride "screeching" - she really has a set of lungs on her and her screams are piercing. I should have known this was a sign of things to come.

We ate a quick fast-food lunch at the airport and proceeded to our gate. Unfortunately, when we got there, I saw the flight was delayed about 30 minutes - due to air traffic. I should have known - we could have eaten a more relaxed lunch. So, we hung around the gate area in case they made changes and finally got a chance to board. Emma was clearly tired and, unfortunately, she fell asleep pretty quickly. I say unfortunately because we were then delayed on the ground another 25 minutes - again due to air traffic. The pilot actually pulled over and turned off the plane while we waited.

So, we finally got into the air and Emma was peacefully sleeping. I got the kids set up watching a video on my laptop and looked forward to a few relaxing minutes. That's all I got. Emma woke up. And, she spent the rest of the flight screeching. I mean screeching. I think maybe the pilot didn't hear her, but I can't guarantee it. It wasn't really fussing - sometimes she was playing and laughing at me as I tried to quiet her down. She would be quiet for a couple of minutes and then start screeching again - turning it on and off like a switch. Finally, I brought up a picture of Mike on my phone and she smiled and looked at that. But didn't like it when the screen dimmed, so she would touch a button to get the lights back on - but I would have to bring the picture back up (and of course, she would yell at me to do that). That entertained her for about 20 minutes, but then she wanted the phone. Not really a problem but she didn't want to play with it while it was off, and she kept "on and off" connecting to things while it was on.

I'm sure the people around us were wondering what they signed up for when they got tickets on this flight - thankfully the plane is actually kind of loud so hopefully it drowned some of the noise out. I finally just had to ignore it because I couldn't do anything to stop it!

But, we finally landed 45 minutes late and took a quick walk over to baggage claim where we found Daddy collecting our luggage! Emma was quite happy to see him and never once demonstrated the screeching that had characterized our previous 3 hours!

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