Sunday, August 20, 2006

Getting Ready for School!

We're getting ready to start school. But its different this year because we are homeschooling. We are starting our day tomorrow.

The kids are going to bed a little early because they have been getting up later and later and I want to get back into a good morning routine.

I'm giving each of the kids a little gift in the morning - a schultuete. This is a German tradition that I heard about this week and I think its neat. It is a cone, made out of poster board and decorated (ours are wrapped with wrapping paper). In this cone are their school supplies. So, its a fun little way to present them with their school supplies for this year. I'll be sure to share photos tomorrow!

We won't be "learning much" tomorrow - well not any more than a regular day. I'll spend most of the time introducing them to the topics that we are going to be doing. We'll look at all of our books and how the pages are structured. I'll show them how their assignments will be presented this year and what things I'll leave for them to do as "early work" if they want to in the morning when they get up or after breakfast before I'm ready to start. We might start reading a little History after that or doing a Math worksheet (they have both already asked if I'm going to leave them one out to do in the morning). I'll add a new subject each day until we are doing every subject. I wanted to ease into the routine a little bit until we figure out what works for us. And the rest of the kids in the neighborhood are still home so its that much harder. But we're ready to go.

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