Thursday, August 10, 2006

Family Traditions (or Cereal at night, you choose)

I have talked several times about "family traditions" that have been continued into my adulthood.

One thing my mother likes to do (Hi Mom!) is to have a bowl of cereal as a snack after dinner and before bed. My sister does it from time to time to, as does my sister-in-law.

I like to have an after dinner snack - just feels like it finishes my day after I've gotten the kids down and done everything else that I couldn't get done during the day when they were awake.

Well, I finally hit the grocery store today (after needing to go for quite a few days) and had restocked the cereal. So, when I stared into the pantry tonight with the typical "What do I feel like tonight" look on my face, my eyes fell upon the new cereal boxes on the shelf and the decision was made - Frosted Mini Wheats!!

I think I inherited the gene from my mother!


Jacque said...

Just blame everything on your Mama!


tosin said...

I got this from my mom too.
Don't know what to eat? Have a bowl of cereal. Don't like what's for dinner? Have a bowl of cereal. Need a late night snack? Have a bowl of cereal.
It took DH a while to adjust to the volume of cereal that we go through!