Monday, August 21, 2006

First Day of School!

We had our first day of school today!

So after the kids went to bed last night, I loaded the kitchen table with all of our books so they came down to big piles of books on the table.

Daddy made Cinnamon Buns for breakfast before he headed off to work.

I presented the kids with the school supplies in a schultuete - this is a German tradition (very big over there) where you can buy them and fill them with supplies or make your own. They had been bugging me for a week to "put their school supplies in their school boxes" so it was tough to hold them off to give them their gift.

So we went over each subject and what we were going to cover. They wanted to jump right in (Michael found a page 10 weeks into his math book and says "this page is cool can I color it right now").

We did our daily devotion (we are talking about Kindness because I couldn't find a kids daily devotion on Obedience, but trust me when I do find one, we'll move right to that!) and we did our Bible Story and then we did our History lesson for the day. They each did their History reading and I asked questions about their reading. They each practiced their piano.

Samantha went off bowling with friends in the afternoon and Michael napped. Emma did NOT nap and didn't all morning so it was quite disruptive to have her screeching all AM!!

Tomorrow we add in Handwriting and Math - the kids are chomping at the bit right now so I'm definitely going to capitalize on that. Next week we'll add in the rest of the subjects!

But all in all a good day!!

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Jacque said...

Beautiful children in addition to intelligent and ready to learn! And a wonderful, sacrificing mother to teach them. Sounds like a winning combination.