Sunday, December 18, 2005

Our tree is up!!

Well, our Christmas tree is now beautifully decorated in our family room. We have adjusted the couch at an angle so that the tree is not "behind" the couch. I really like the room this way, especially for the holidays when there will be lots of activity in the family room. A couple of things I thought I'd share that we don't ever seem to learn while picking out a Christmas tree:

- Measuring poles, regardless of how close they look, are NOT accurate. Our tree was cleary taller than 9' - good thing we put it in a room with a valuted ceiling.

- The gaps in the tree are NEVER visibile while you are looking at it on the lot. The good news is that we can usually hide the gaps in the tree in the corner.

The photo above was taken about 1/2 way up the stairway in our family room. The other photo taken from standing across the family room!!

Mike had to use the full-size ladder to get the angel on the tree, and used our "ceiling light bulb grabber" to hang the high ornaments, as this is clearly the largest tree we have had. But, I really like how it looks and I can't wait to see it with presents from Santa underneath!!

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Wendy said...

Your tree looks gorgeous!