Friday, December 23, 2005

I'm too cute to take a nap!

Our household is on a schedule - it always has been. This schedule makes for a happier mommy and happier kids. Emma takes 3 naps most days - around 9am, around noon, and around 4:30.

But now that she had learned to sit up, and start pulling up, she has started a new game. I will lay her down for nap and she is very still. She allows me to give her a snuggly blanket, and then cover her legs with a warm blanket and then give her her baby doll. I do the same thing every time I put her down and then I tell her to go to sleep (using the sign language for Sleep, as I am trying to teach her to sign). She smiles at me and I leave the room. Not five minutes later, I hear sounds from her room. After giving her sufficient time to go back to sleep, I realize its not going to happen. I go in her room to see her sitting up in her bed and when she sees me, she gets this huge grin on her face. Often it is because she has thrown her paci out of the bed and is hanging over the railing looking for it. Other times its as though she is saying to me "but I'm so cute, how can you possibly leave me in the bed to sleep instead of immediately hugging me and playing with me". Its one of the more difficult things I have to do each day - leave my *poor child* in her bed to take a nap - I'm such a mean mommy.

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