Saturday, December 17, 2005

Happy 10 months Emma!!

Emma has reached her 10th month birthday. This has been an exciting month. Emma had her first visit to Walt Disney World - but I assure you - not her last. She has finally mastered crawling, which means I WILL never get anything accomplished again while she is awake!! She initially used her new skill to simply reach her toys that were out of reach, but now she has started exploring. I have cleared the coffee table twice - but it seems to "grow" clutter - and Emma LOVES it. She pulls herself up until her mouth is at the edge of the table - and then she chews on the table while smiling at me, proud of her accomplishment. She loves to grab her shoes and play with them. She loves to play with diapers out of the diaper basket. She loves to "read" magazines - which means, she loves to pull them off the table and rip the pages and put them in her mouth.

She doesn't understand Christmas yet. When I put her under the tree tonight, she simply tried to grab for the train track of the Christmas train under the tree. I'm sure she'll figure it out soon enough - especially once Santa visits.

Mike was just asking tonight where our baby went? He feels like this one has gone so much faster than the others - yet, I feel like I have experienced so much more. The pleasure of being able to be home with her all of the time has been wonderful. Even when I'm exhausted and just begging her to sleep so that I can nap, or sweep the floor, or even go to the bathroom - its very worth it. I can't believe its been 10 months.

Happy Birthday Emma!!

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