Friday, December 16, 2005

Christmas Tree in the mud!!

For years, we have always tried to check the weather, and work our day of getting a Christmas tree into the schedule when we knew the weather would be nice - when it hadn't rained or snowed in a few days so that it wasn't muddy, and it wasn't too cold. Well, we finally realized that our expectations were just too high. Regardless of our good planning, it seems that it would always rain or snow or do something awful on the day we had planned to get the Christmas Tree. I remember one year standing in a Christmas Tree lot in the pouring rain trying to get a tree. So, a few years back, Mike and I decided that we would "realign" our expectations. We have decided to pick the worst weather day possible and go get our tree on that day - we'll strap on the boots and the hoods, and go out in the cold and get a tree. Of course, yesterday in the snow and ice would have been perfect but Mike was still out of town. So today, in the piles of mud, we decided to go get our tree. Not nearly as messy weather-wise as we would have liked (LOL!) but messy none the less.

As we are putting the tree in the family room with the valuted ceiling this year, instead of in the living room, we had some flexibility with height. Our tree is 9' tall this year, but had great shape and form. Its currently sitting in the stand in the garage settling the branches, but it will be in tomorrow and I'll post photos.

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Wendy said...

Can't wait to see a pic of your tree!