Thursday, December 22, 2005

My wrapping is almost done!!

I'm almost done wrapping all of our Christmas presents. The only reason I can't be done now is that I'm home here with all 3 kids and there is no way I can sneak the last three presents out of the trunk of the car and into my room for wrapping. I'll wrap those tonight after the kids go to bed, and I retreat to my nightly "locked door" session in my room.

What surprised me so much is how many presents I ended up wrapping for "non-immediate" family. I define "non-immediate family" as those that do not live in our house!! As our kids have gotten older, the list of gifts for non-immediate family has grown. And, it was added to when I offered to wrap gifts on behalf of both sets of grandparents (not that I mind, I'm just surprised). And, in the interest of NOT forgetting to take gifts out of town, like I have done in years past, the gifts for "non-immediate" family are under the front Christmas tree, and gifts for the kids are under the back Christmas tree.

But, I'm almost done. I have a new "system" I'm working this year where Samantha has one style of paper, and Michael has another. There are no gift tags on the gifts - simply a number written at the top on the back. I have a sheet of paper that lists what is in each numbered box. This way, the kids can't try to guess what's in the boxes, and I can try to remember what we've bought, and I can have *some* feeling that I have *somewhat* balanced out the gifts this year (each year, for some reason, you find it easier to shop for one child more than another - this year, Samantha seemed easier to shop for than Michael)

And, Emma is easy. We have been pulling out old toys of Samantha and Michael's for her to play with, she is getting two new toys and three new outfits because she is much bigger than Samantha was at her first Christmas!!

Three Days until Christmas!!


Jacque said...

It's good for you to do some "charity work" and will pay back somewhat for all the Christmas mornings you got everybody up too early. That is, until we decided to change the alarm time on your clock until later than you had it set.


Wendy said...

I love your system! We are going to start wrapping tonight, hopefully the kids, who at 7:30pm are still playing outside in the sunshine, will go to bed sort of early and let us get started !