Monday, December 12, 2005

Emma is crawling - and curious

Well, life just got a little more difficult. Emma is finally crawling forward. She has been trying for a while, and probably would have a week or so ago if she hadn't spent the past week in a stroller - literally. So, she has figured out how to move her knees to go with her hands and she gets to where she wants to be. The problem is, she wants to get to the basket of diapers that I have recently put ON TOP of the coffee table (instead of underneath) and the toys that the older kids leave on the table. She has also crawled herself under the table a couple of times and can't get out - I hate to laugh because she is so mad, but its funny. Now I have to worry about closing the door to the basement just to run to the bathroom - ugh.

Right now, Emma has pulled her face up to the level of the coffee table and she is using the edge as a "teething ring" - goofball!!

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