Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Its been a long time!

I've been remiss in posting in quite a while.

I'm sure my mother knows why - Our May schedule is about to be the death of us.

Here's a short synopsis of the past month:

  • Michael earned his next belt in Tae Kwon Do; he's now a Green Stripe
  • Both kids finished up their soccer season
  • Samantha broke her wrist in her final soccer game and is in a bright pink cast until the end of June!
  • Samantha's soccer team played in a tournament this past weekend and finished as "co-champions" in their division. Samantha watched from the sidelines :(. The final two teams were definitely evenly matched, but they decided NOT to go to extra time to determine the winner, as each team had already played a previous game that day and the temperature was in excess of 95 degrees!
  • Michael's baseball team finished the season in 4th place and won their first playoff game - the next one is tonight (let's hope for the scheduled thunderstorms to come through and postpone the game and cool down the temperature)
  • We spent Memorial Day weekend at the lake with my parents - photos to follow
  • Emma had her quarterly checkup with her endocrinologist and her average blood glucose level came down a LOT! We're thrilled
  • We participated in our 2nd JDRF Walk on June 1st. Together Mike and I raised over $4100!
  • We had baby birds frequent our nest for the 2nd year in a row, and last week we had two ducks waddling through the front yard in the morning while a bunny rabbit was eating leaves off the flowers near the mailbox!


Jacque said...

We do remember May as being a killer month. Hope y'all make it thru not too much the worse for wear.

Our love,

zebrafeet said...

hmmmm. sounds like you didn't have enough to do. :P. i hope samantha heals quickly! my 9 year old nephew broke his elbow either "practicing his backflips from the tractor" or "when k. hit me with the baseball bat when she was practicing her swing." my sister was NOT amused. most normal kids would be screaming. he kept going and came in and showed her a weird lump he got a few hours ago . . . congrats on the fundraising!