Sunday, June 15, 2008

As requested

I have had a request to share some photos of Samantha with her bright pink cast. I have been meaning to for a while, so here they are!

Here is Samantha the day she got her cast on - with a friend from our homeschool group who ALSO suffered an injury the same weekend and ALSO chose a bright pink cast for her injury! This photo is nice too because you see it BEFORE it becomes covered in signatures - a right of passage when you have a cast!

Samantha received some beautiful flowers from Granny and Granddaddy and they have lasted a long time - some of the lillies have just opened up. Here they are. And then a closer up one so that you can see her cast well.


CloverGirl said...

What a bummer to have a cast in the summer!! I remember mine itching like crazy. I've heard, though, that they have waterproof ones now.

I hope she heals quickly!!

agent713 said...

I meant to tell you guys. I know of a third girl (about Samantha's age) that broke her arm/wrist that same weekend!!! No word on the colour of her cast though...