Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Heartbreaking Loss

Michael's baseball team had their last game of the season tonight. They lost in the 2nd round of the playoffs. They played the #1 team in their league and until the 5th inning, they held them to only 2 runs, while scoring 9 themselves. They were playing well and hitting ok.

And then the 5th inning came. Michael's team has an uncanny ability to fall apart in the 5th and 6th innings. And today was no different.

They tried hard. Michael got hit in the gut with a ball pitched to him and was more frustrated that he couldn't make the play with the ball than the fact that he got hit.

With 2 outs and 2 strikes on a player, the boy hits a blooper into the outfied. And then the next player with 2 strikes hits a long ball.

And we lose 11-10.

I think everyone was heartbroken.


Michelle said...

Oh Nancy, what an absolute bummer. I totally feel for Michael and his team.

Wish I could send him some icecream to make it better.

Hugs to both of you.

zebrafeet said...

awe, poor Michael. I'm sorry his season had to end on such a heart breaking loss. I much prefered it when we got creamed at the end of the season.

Kaye said...

Aw, man! What a bummer.