Monday, May 19, 2008

We have sprouts!

Granny and Granddaddy gave Michael an Aerogarden for this birthday. He's quite excited about it and looking forward to growing stuff. He chose to grow salad greens for his first plant.

So Saturday afternoon, Mike and Michael got the aerogarden all set up. He has been watching it often, thinking perhaps he might actually see it grow! It does say that first sprouts will come in 1-3 days - and they were right.

Its been just over 48 hours and we have sprouts. Before long, I think I'll be able to harvest our dinner salad right before dinner!


Jacque said...

Wow! I guess you get a green thumb along with it.

Emily said...

Marshall's cherry tomatoes are starting to ripen

The Stopper Family said...

Mom, I don't think its MY thumb, it must be Mike or Michael's. I'm staying away in case my black thumb kills something!