Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Soccer season has begun

This past weekend, we had our first soccer games of the season. It gets pretty crazy with both of them in soccer and Michael in baseball, but for this day, we were all able to see both games. Oma and Opa were even in town and able to see the games.

So, I thought I'd share a few photos of the kids at their best


zebrafeet said...

Are they are on the same team? I thought soccer was a fall sport. Gaaah!

The Stopper Family said...

Soccer is year round now if you want it to be.

Our Recreation league uses the same colors for all teams. Each player has a red jersey and a white jersey and they wear one or the other for each game, based on home or away. So, they use the same jersey for several seasons in a row because there are no numbers. Until this season, Samantha hadn't replaced her original one she got when she was 6 and Michael was wearing the same one he got when he was 5

Kaye said...

I miss soccer! My boys played for years, but when they got old enough for marching band at the high school they all dropped out to do that instead.

Great pictures!

Kaye (HappyCamper at SS)