Thursday, April 17, 2008

More pitching

Well, it appears that Michael is one of the strongest pitchers on his team. He pitched again earlier this week - in their 3rd game (so he has pitched in their 1st and 3rd games).

It was COLD that day - one of those days you wonder why you aren't sitting inside drinking hot chocolate, its so cold. Michael had forgotten to put his sleeves on under his jersey, so he was COLD! When I found out he was going to pitch, I made him put on a sweatshirt - but it was Samantha's. He didn't want to have anything to do with that! His coach came out to find out what was wrong and I told him he was mad a ME. When I told him why, his coach also told him that he has to have a warm arm so he doesn't get any injuries.

But, Michael went out there and did ok. He would have done better, I'm sure, if he weren't so cold. But, the father of the coach was there - he has coached for years in another little league that has been very successful with multiple trips to state finals - and he said that he had great control for a child his age.

So, I guess this is his destiny - and we'll do our best to nurture that and protect his arm so we aren't dealing with rotator cuff injuries by the time he is 10!

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