Monday, April 28, 2008

And they marched in "two by two"

In stark contrast to the drought of 2007, where we barely received any rain from May - December, this year is stacking up to be the year of the flood.

I'm pretty certain this morning that I saw some giraffes and elephants marching by the house - two by two - with their rain gear on.

It has rained so much that the ground is just saturated, making it tough for soccer games and baseball games, and anything outside. It has rained 2-3 days each week for quite a few weeks now.

But the grass is green and the trees are blooming and the bushes are large and bushy.


zebrafeet said...

thanks for sending the rain this way. after 2 days of it, the kitten (who doesn't go outside) - neither does jackson - is acting stir crazy.

i keep telling him you're an INDOOR cat. It's been a nice chilly rain. :rolls eyes:

Whitney said...

I just said that to my husband the other day, "hon, do you mind pulling out the ARK while I am at work and when I get home I will clean it out and we can start packing." UGH, rain is okay in bits and spurts but not buckets upon buckets.