Saturday, April 26, 2008

$200 closer

I have had a pretty good fundraising week - and so has Mike.

I received a couple of big donations this week, quite a few small ones and then today, I set up a table at the local grocery store to collect donations.

I was reminded how much I hate to fund raise. Ick. Just hate it. I can speak to congressmen and legislative aides and ask them to support legislation, but I'm really uncomfortable when it comes to asking everyday people to part with their money.

But I came away $200 closer to my goal. And much of that was at $1 and $2 increments, so it was a lot of people giving a little for JDRF.

If you want to see how my fundraising is going, check out my walk page at the link above.

1 comment:

zebrafeet said...

fundraising is not fun doing it the way you are. getting $$ from big corporations, much easier (hey, do you have local businesses you guys use all the time, mom and pop ones? you might ask them and then write a thank you note, i see them all the time at the local coffee place i go to). i know what you mean. i'd give you more but i am saving my dollars for the $93183 a gallon gas this summer.