Thursday, August 09, 2007

Independence Day - Long Overdue

(This post is a bit overdue while I waited for an internet friend to do some magic by combining two photos into one)

We typically spend Independence Day at Smith Mountain Lake. Some years both of my other siblings are present and other years there are none. This year my oldest brother, who has returned after 15 years in Guatemala, was there.

Our family tradition, started years ago, is to wear Flag Shirts from Old Navy. They don't "necessarily" have to be the current year (and aren't always) but we always have our flag shirt. If anything, it guarantees that we are color coordinated for my scrapbooks.

The family photos on the steps of the deck seem to be developing into a family tradition as well. When you get multiple families together, you just don't want to miss the opportunity to get one!

This year, we had the neighbor take several. And as always with kids, you can't seem to get them all to smile at the same time. But with the introduction of technology, now you can fix that. I had my friend take the face of my daughter and my oldest brother from one photo, and put it on their heads in the other photo, where most of the other people were better. And the final result is above.

We had a nice relaxing weekend. It was our first trip out of town with Emma and her diabetes. The packing is a bit more extensive (definitely) and she was a bit all over the place with her readings, probably because of the change in schedule. But we had a nice weekend (and headed back the following weekend to visit my sister who arrived the next week)

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