Thursday, August 16, 2007

Old Friends

I had dinner on Saturday night with some old friends. You know the type - you fall out of touch for months or years but fall right back into step when you see each other again.

Lella, Whitney, and I went to Hollins College together. For the most part, we met on the first day. Whitney lived on my hall. Lella has the same birthday I do, which I know because an orientation activity was to line up based on birthdays.

Our lives parted and collided throughout college - through different dorms, trips abroad, and other activities, but we ended up in the same dorm senior year - Starkey. For my part, I loved that dorm and it was a good year.

Whitney lives in Richmond. We had reconnected a few years back at a Creative Memories convention. Lella lives in Boston. We last saw each other at a party celebrating November and December birthdays in 1999 (I was pregnant with Michael). We've shared a few emails from time to time and reconnected through our blogs recently.

Lella decided to come to Richmond from Boston this past weekend. We all agreed to hook up in Fredericksburg (the midpoint between my house and Whitney's) for dinner. I was leaving the house when I got a call - how about we meet in Springfield because they want to shop at an outlet there. Fine by me - its closer.

So, we meet up in Springfield and ended up at Bertucci's for dinner. We sat and talked and ate good food for a long time. It was like we had seen each other often and were just getting together to chat. We talked about old times at school and recent times with kids and friends.

It was good to reconnect - perhaps we won't wait a number of years to do it again.


Whitney said...

We BETTER not wait years before seeing each other again.

It WAS a lot of fun and like time hadn't passed since we saw each other last.

I had a great time!

zebrafeet said...

it was a lot of fun. next time i won't drive to richmond so i'll be more cheerful. :D

plus, i didn't get nearly enough time to mock you about being a soccer mom.