Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Busy in the Stopper Household

We have been busy the past couple of weeks. I am knee-deep in getting the soccer season started for our region - we finalize our team rosters tomorrow so I'll be happy that's on the down-slope.

Mike put a new "timer" on the computer. It limits how much time a week they can be on the computer, how many hours a day, and how much time in each session during the day. It keeps me from having to police it because it will log them off when their time is up and won't let them back on until their waiting period is over. Of course, last week I asked Mike to increase the time because it was just TOO HOT to do anything outside.

The kids have been exploring the art closet since their computer time is limited. They have been running around with walkie-talkies saying "Roger That" and making designs with the spin-art machine and they made finger paint masterpieces.

We are starting our new school year next week. That will give us a couple of weeks to get into the groove before all the activities start up again. I finally sat down yesterday and planned out about 4 weeks of Samantha's lessons. I hope tomorrow or Friday to do the same for Michael's and for their shared subjects. I don't want to do any more because I'm sure once we get into activities, I'll find certain days that are harder to fit all the subjects in than others and I'll want to plan accordingly.

I think we all look forward to getting a little bit of the structure back.

Emma's pump process is continuing - we have our appointment with the child psychologist next week and the pump company is processing the paperwork. Thankfully we haven't had any lows the last few nights - it doesn't mean we aren't getting up but it makes it easier if we aren't having to give her juice and wait to make sure it worked.

Molly Maid is coming next week to do a "whole house clean". It really needs it. When I was scheduling the cleaning, the woman said that I will want to have as much picked up as possible because "we don't want them spending their time picking up" (we pay by the hour). I was tempted to say "hey, can I pay for them to do that too?" But, slowly but surely the stuff is getting organized and straighted so that we can find a few flat surfaces and floors for a good cleaning.

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