Monday, July 30, 2007

Not much to update

I haven't posted recently because there hasn't been much to update. We are just chugging along through summer, albeit too quickly, but nonetheless chugging through.

I still feel incredibly busy. In true form, I take on too many things and then get bogged down. Right now, I am:
- Trying to finalize table rentals for our scrapbooking retreat in Sept
- Starting my role as volunteer recruitment leader for our JDRF chapter (a Government Relations role)
- Trying to organize the schedule and instructors for our PE co-op for the homeschool group
- Overseeing the forming of all soccer teams in South Riding as Southern Commissioner
- Starting the 2-3 month process of putting Emma on an insulin pump
- Thinking about lesson plans for our next school year
-- So many more things

Samantha and Michael are at tennis camp this week. Two friends from years ago are also in the class, so I am taking them to and from each day as their mother works in DC and their day-care is around the corner from camp. I am leaving shortly to go get them.

A couple of days this week I am having Emma go to a sitter for a couple of hours in the morning. It will give me some uninterrupted time to do some things and give her someone to play with that is her own age!

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Whitney said...

You are one busy lady!!