Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Newest resident of Anderby Lane

So I'm sitting at my computer in front of the family room window today and I'm hearing this loud screaching noise. I don't know WHAT it is but it is different than I've heard before.

All of a sudden, a bird flies through my line of vision and lands on the fence next door.

It was an eagle.

This was the source of the loud screaching sound.

Later, I continue to hear the sounds and go looking in the backyard to see that the eagle seems to have taken up residence in the back yard. It seems that there is a nest lodged in the crook of one of the tall trees and the eagle is heading there. I got some video of the eagle singing and then flying on the way to the nest. The lighting is horrible because its backlit but you can clearly see the eagle in the shot and most definitely hear the singing!


Kaesmom said...

That's cool! I'd love to see an eagle in my yard.

But wait. That would mean I had trees. We have no trees. It's the result of living in a neighborhood that once was a farm.

Whitney said...

Wow, what a neat bird to have in your yard! I bet the kids are getting a kick out of him too.

zebrafeet said...

wow. i knew you would find away to top our scary big bird story. at least it didn't fly INTO your house.