Sunday, March 19, 2006

This place is a ZOO!!

Literally. We went to the zoo last week on what was possibly the coldest and windiest day I had felt in a LONG time. It had been 85 degrees a mere 2 days earlier; yet the day we planned to go the zoo, we woke up to a chilly 35 degrees with 30 mile per hour winds.

We wanted to see the baby Panda. The baby panda was born in July and I had been wanting to find a chance to go. Having Emily come into town with Marshall and Morgan for their Spring Break gave us a perfect opportunity. So, the kids stayed home from school on Wednesday and we trekked into Washington, DC to the National Zoo.

The Pandas did not disappoint. Both Momma and Daddy panda were in their yard, chomping on delicious bamboo. The baby had precariously perched herself on the branch of a tree that looked much smaller than the baby - and she was asleep up there!! She moved a few times as she settled in and got comfortable. Momma was never too far away from keeping an eye on her little one. So many times I have been there and the pandas weren't available for viewing, so this was a wonderful treat.

After seeing the pandas, we took the loop of the zoo. We saw the elephants put on a show during their bath, and saw a variety of small mammals (I think my favorite). We spent some time in the reptile house (a favorite of the boys, but not for
Emily and me). After a nice lunch at the restaurant at the BOTTOM of the hill, we check out the lions and tigers. The lioness put on quite a vocal show for us - the Tigers just slept right through it.

Then, on the way back up we checked out the beavers (who had made their own dam) and otters (who swam and put on a show under the water for us). Then we got a chance to see the majestic bald eagle (this photo was taken by Emily).

All in all we had a great, albeit cold, time. We took the long way back out of the city so that Emily and the boys could see a few of the sights, and then headed home!

And, of course, I would be remiss if I didn't share this very cute photo of Emma all bundled up for the trip!!

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