Thursday, March 23, 2006

And its all downhill from there!!

I was attempting to "force feed" Emma some applesauce today. She used to love it but now she fights me when I try to feed it to her. But, I was going to "force" her to eat it because - well - her bowel challenges could use some help. So, I had given her some applesauce before I even gave her any of the ham I intended her to have for lunch because I knew at that point, she would only eat the ham. So, I gave her the ham, but then continued to try to feed her applesauce. Feeding her applesauce involves getting the applesauce on the spoon with one hand, and then grabbing and holding both of her hands with my other hand while I feed her the applesauce - all while she is trying to wave her hands "no" and shake her head violently "no" at me.

I was doing pretty well - until one time when she still had a piece of ham in her hand. I had applesauce on the spoon and was headed towards her mouth - she got a hand free and was waving it no, and then, the piece of ham went flying out of her hand onto the floor beside her. Well, that's fine - except then she turned her head to look for the ham, and where did the applesauce go - but in her HAIR!! And, then of course, she doesn't like applesauce because its in her hair - and its all downhill from there!!

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agent713 said...

Ah the joys of feeding baby. I remember those days :) You know it could probably qualify as a video game. get-as-much-in-the-childs-mouth-while-keeping-said-child-as-clean-as-possible. It is challenging!!! Have fun and don't forget to take picutres periodically :)