Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Samantha is a busy girl!!

Its quite easy to brag on the baby - it seems like they do something new and cute every day. Its harder to remember to brag on the older kids.

One thing that I'm pretty proud of with Samantha is that she sticks with things. I really like that she's willing and interested in continuing with activities, when there are so many that just bounce around and never stick with an activity to see what they can really do with it, or the other kids who just don't really get into activities.

She started dancing right after she turned 4 - she is now in her 6th year of dance, is a charter member of her dance studio, and earned her 5 year trophy last year. She is in a competition group - by choice - and continues to try out for it each season

She also plays soccer. In the league of 27 girls, she has the 3rd highest years of experience with 6 seasons.

Each year I ask her if she wants to drop either and she wants to keep doing both.

This is in addition to her being in her second year of piano lessons. She is doing very well with her new teacher and we are looking forward to her next piano recital in May.

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Jacque said...

We're so proud of our Samantha.

Granny and Granddaddy Gwaltney