Thursday, March 09, 2006

Something the human vacuum cleaner won't eat - Jello

For Emma's snack yesterday, I thought I'd give her some jello. Thought she would like it. And, she fell in love with Teddy Grahams last week and has had them for snack almost every day, so I wanted to give her some variety. She did ok for the first few bites, but then I think she actually realized what she was eating. After struggling to feed her the next couple of bites - she actually cried - real tears, out loud, mouth open, crying about the jello. She pulled it out of her mouth and threw it on the floor. AND she would not take another bite.

So the baby who will eat almost anything won't eat Jello!

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Jacque said...

Takes after her Aunt Em who spit jello across the table in a cafeteria the first time it was introduced to her.