Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The car we WANT to get

So our poor Acura Legend is on its last legs (or wheels). It has been a good car. We bought it in September of 1994, not too long after we got married. It was a LOT of money for a car - but we wanted to know that we wouldn't be looking for a new car the minute we finished paying the car off. We wanted to know that it would be reliable. It has been reliable - we have driven 120K miles in that vehicle. It was our road vehicle for a long time until we bought our minivan - it was then relegated to commuter and errand status. Now, it goes to and from the office with Mike, but otherwise, it sits quietly in the garage for fear of parts beginning to fall off while driving down the road.

We know what we want to get to replace the Legend - we try not to discuss it too loud around the Legend for fear she become jealous.

Yesterday, a dealership in Maryland received their first 2007 Toyota Camry. We drove to the dealership in order to drive this vehicle. It has beautiful lines and its a pretty comfortable ride. The vehicle that we drove is not the car we ultimately want.

What we want is the 2007 Camry Hybrid.

Through my numerous phone calls to dealerships throughout the area, (the benefit of living in the suburbs of a large city) I have received predictions from March to October for delivery of the Camry Hybrid (I honestly think when I ask the question, they shake their Magic 8 ball and receive the answer du jour from it). Toyota doesn't know when they are going to release the Hybrid Camry - but we seem to be honing in on the late Spring, early Summer.

That would be good timing because we will HAVE to put the Legend out to pasture before then.

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Mel said...

Hey do you mean 1994 and not 2004?

I really want a hybrid someday too! Good Luck finding it.