Thursday, January 05, 2006

Things are settling back to normal!

I haven't posted much recently because we have just been trying to get back to normal. The kids went back to school on Tuesday and I think everyone is just happy that we are getting back to a routine. Because Emma is crawling around a lot now, I feel like I spend all of my time either:
  • chasing after her
  • telling her "no"
  • blocking the family room opening so she can't crawl in the kitchen
  • picking her up and putting her in the pack-n-play so that I can do ANYTHING
  • vacuuming the floor to get all the little pieces of "whatever" up that Emma seems to find.

We are also trying to get ready for Samantha's birthday party. It always feels so rushed because I'm NEVER organized enough to try and plan it BEFORE Christmas and then I feel like I don't have enough time to think about it after New Years. Samantha wants to go ice skating with some friends, so we'll see how that goes with two parents who are NOT AT ALL talented on ice skates.

I'm also working tirelessly on my photo albums - with 3 kids, the photos pile up quickly. I am looking into ways to share my album pages with everyone so that you can see a complete chronicle of our lives!!

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