Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Background Noise

I always need background noise on. People think we watch a lot of TV in our house - but in reality, we *listen* to a lot of TV in this house. I rarely do just ONE thing at a time. Listening to TV is one of the things I typically do - when I scrapbook, when I do emails, when I read blogs, when I'm doing LOTS of things.

I learned tonight - it really doesn't help to put on a movie with subtitles when you just want "background noise". I turned on "Dances With Wolves" to a section where the Sioux Indians were talking and then tried to proceed with my internet reading. Well, it was quite distracting because I didn't actually understand what they were saying because, of course, they were speaking Sioux and not English.

So, little tip - if you are turning on the TV for background noise, choose a movie in English.


agent713 said...

LOL duly noted :) I like Disney movies or Sound of Music. Ones that I have memorized and can absentmindedly sing along to :)

The Stopper Family said...

Yeah, I used to put on Gone With the Wind, Sound of Music, or the original Star Wars trilogy in college because I could basically recite them!!

Mel said...

Lately I have been prefering music as my background noise... though noise isn't really "background" in my house.. it is usually way too loud to be that way.