Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Reflections Contest Winner

Samantha came running to the car today when I picked her up from school. She had received a letter notifying her that she won First Place in the Photography category for 3rd to 5th graders in her school (she's in 3rd grade). Her photograph is now being submitted to the District level for competition.

The theme this year was "I wonder why". We talked about it and she wanted to take a picture about "I wonder why water is wet?" We finally decided to take photos at the pond down the street from our house. Samantha took several photos and decided she wanted to submit this photo because she liked how the sun sparkled on the water.

The judges indicated they were impressed with the quality and composition of her work.

Note: The Reflections Contest is an artistic contest sponsored by the National PTA. It has categories for photography, creative writing, music composition, and art.

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Jacque said...

Nancy and Larry, her brother, were both winners in Reflections contests when they were elementary school students at Penn Forest School in Roanoke County, VA.