Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Its amazing to watch kids learn. I realized a little while ago that Emma had learned how to hear certain songs on her walker by spinning a wheel with colored shapes. I have definitely determined that Emma is learning.

We have a host of toys in her new playyard and most of them make noise (ugh!) We have a toy that we have had since Samantha was a baby. We call it the "radio". It has a big blue button that plays music. It has NO off button and NO volume button. Emma has learned that pushing the blue button will play a song. She has learned if she pressed it again that a different song will start. She has also learned that she can push the button and then go over to another noisy toy and she can have TWO toys making noise at the same time.

And, it is absolutely deliberate. She has LEARNED how to do this.

Babies are very smart.

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