Sunday, January 08, 2006

New Years Resolution: Clean House

I much prefer to have a clean house - no, a better description is a DECLUTTERED HOUSE. I know that I would have NO problem having a clean house, if I could just find what I need to clean through the clutter.

Well, in the spirit of the New Year, I have started to clean / declutter this house. It helped that our Christmas decorations were being taken down - its much easier to declutter when you have to pick up things to put them away because they had been moved for Christmas.

I am quite happy of what I accomplished yesterday - I cleaned up/out the office. Since its right inside the door, I'd like to leave the doors open when people come over, but alas, it has typically been the "Stash and Dash" room. But, it is perfectly cleaned out and organized now and I am quite pleased - and the doors are open.

Now I'm tackling the basement. I have managed to "almost" clean up all of my scrapbooking supplies, which has been nice because not only is it CLEAN, I actually can scrapbook faster because I can FIND stuff. Its quite nice. And, the kids are keeping their area "tolerable". The definition of "tolerable" is, "I can walk through and find at least a few spots of carpet." Not too bad. I'll finish up the basement this week.

Then I'll need to tackle the "Oh just put it in Mommy's room and I'll deal with it later" Master Bedroom clutter - isn't that always how it is? Put it in your room so that the kids rooms can be clean because having a messy kids room is much more annoying than your own room, right?

Home and Gardens we aren't - but decluttered and clean we WILL BE!

Happy New Year!!

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